The Movie

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The Movie

TRUNK ORGANISM FILLING SPACE: The full length feature film about the beautiful, yet tragical story of legendary Hip Hop producer, mixer and engineer, Paul C McKasty.

Hip Hop was on a rise in mid 1980’s. The transition from rock groups like Bon Jovi and White Snake to Hip Hop acts like The Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC and  Kurtis Blow. For Paul it became more a fusion between the two. As Paul was a musician playing instruments, who also controlled the digital skills of the studio. Mixing and He was a beast on the Emu SP12 (later the SP 1200)

The story line of the movie follows Paul C, starting around  the late 1987, when he moved from his garage recording set up to start working at 1212 studio. We see the rise from the Queens native who saw no racial boundaries, nor did he see bad in other people. He saw music. He lived music. 

We follow Paul through stories, told by the artists he worked with in the now, and jump back to that period when they worked together. In the present we follow an possessed interviewer trying to get all the facts straight. An person who seeks something to believe in, a replacement god. In researching Paul C, he finds his biblical story.

At the moments the music is expressed we jump in a dreamscape and blow the visual parts out of proportion, and turn it in a musical video scale to emphasize the emotion that was going on right then. 

This movie will show the road that was not laid yet. The road walked that gave the joy of exploring the new and unknown. The emotion of pioneering a music style, the change of a nation, but also the constant feeling of this might be the moment. 

TRUNK ORGANISM FILLING SPACE, gives people a window into time past time. a view of the pioneers of hiphop music who left behind the settlement for the generation that came after to grow on.