Based On The Life Of Hip Hop's Unsung Hero.

A journey of interviewer Son Nikollasu “Niko”, puzzling together the beautiful yet tragical story of the unsung New York Hip Hop producer Paul “C” McKasty. Niko’s search becomes his obsessive musical pilgrimage to figure out who Paul C was and the impact he had on Hip hop. Through interviews Niko does with artists (like Rakim, Large Professor, Kool Keith, Queen Latifah, and many more), he maps together the road from the start of Paul C’s career towards the evening of July 17, 1989, the day Paul C got shot and killed by an unknown perpetrator. Following Niko in the present, and seeing the stories take shape in the past, you see the then young artists in the studio working with Paul C. While Niko is struggling to keep grasp with his own reality and an unknown condition he has, trying to find the last pieces of the puzzle. The golden age of Hip Hop has never been portrayed this real, as in this breathe taking journey.